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December 13, 2023

Amy Buchanan

Fall Engagement Photoshoot at Evergreen Arboretum in Everett, WA

I recently had the pleasure of capturing Josh & Amanda’s Fall Engagement Photoshoot. The day was filled with pure love against the stunning backdrop of Evergreen Arboretum in Everett, WA. Imagine having your beautiful fall engagement photo shoot on a crisp fall day! At first, we thought we were going to be taking pictures in pouring rain, but it only ended up sprinkling a little when we showed up!! After all, it was just the perfect overcast day by the end of the session! Come see how this beautiful day turned out below!

Amanda & Josh Romantic Fall Engagement Session

Meanwhile, let me rave about Amanda and Josh!! They are not just another couple, they are a lovely duo that radiates love and fun vibes. This beautiful couple will be tying the knot in 2024! And, guess what?! They booked me for their big day! They knew they wanted to capture their pre-wedding moments in time too. Given that engagement sessions are a sneak peek into a couple’s love story they allow me, as the photographer, to connect with the soon-to-be weds on a personal level and I love it so much. With Amanda and Josh, it was an absolute blast! We shared laughs and captured genuine moments that really reflect their love story!!

Let’s Talk About the Location!

When Amanda and Josh told me they wanted to shoot at Evergreen Arboretum, I knew they made the right choice! The rich fall colors, golden hues, and fiery reds that the location provided added an extra layer of charm to Amanda and Josh’s session!! It’s the ideal setting for an engagement photoshoot. The combination of nature’s autumn colors and the beautiful location without a doubt creates the perfect backdrop.

One more thing! Let’s not forget the importance of engagement photos!! These are not just photos, they are memories that capture a couple’s journey towards forever. These snapshots serve as a tangible reminder of the excitement leading to the big day!! And your engagement photos can be used for your engagement party and save the date!!

Amy Buchanan | Washington Wedding Photographer

If you are planning your Fall Engagement Photoshoot in Washington, and you are looking for someone who can help you bring all your visions to life? Look no further! I’m your girl! You can learn more about me here. Are we a good fit?  inquire here so we can start going through your ideas and bring them to life on your big day!

Come see some more beautiful photos of this amazing fall engagement photoshoot!

amazing couple holding hands during their fall engagement photoshoot at evergreen arboretum

Written By:

December 13, 2023

Amy Buchanan

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