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November 20, 2023

Amy Buchanan

3 Reasons Why You Need a Couples Photoshoot

This couples photoshoot with Austin and Peyton was so fun and sweet! These were actually taken just outside of Houston, Texas in Peyton and Austin’s backyard and in their driveway – proof that you don’t need a stunning location for some stunning photos 😉 All you need is a little creativity and trust in your photographer to make even the most “basic” location something beautiful! This session was technically a family session. Austin and Peyton had booked me for their sons birthday photos and also some cute updated family photos! With that being said, I want to focus on the photos of just Austin and Peyton because I want to highlight the importance of getting photos done as a couple. Let’s dive into my top 3 reasons why you need a couples photoshoot, especially when you have a growing family of your own!

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1.) A Couples Photoshoot Gives You Time to Reconnect

Scheduling a couples photoshoot can be so much fun and it gives you time to reconnect as a couple! If you’re parents, this will give you time away from the kids and to reconnect while getting some sweet updated photos together! And even if you aren’t parents, couples can get busy in the hustle and bustle of your everyday lives. It’s so important to set aside time together. We can certainly do what we did for Peyton and Andrew. Turn your backyard or driveway into your couples photoshoot location! Or even make it a date night and head to your favorite coffee shop, local brewery, or whatever it is you enjoy doing together!

2.) Photos to Cherish for a Lifetime and for Generations to Come

You will cherish photos for a lifetime and for generations to come! Sure, a couples photoshoot may not seem like much to you now, but wait until that’s all you have left of your significant other. Not to sound depressing, but capturing these moments in time with your partner are crucial. And if you plan to have kids or you already do, they will certainly LOVE to have photos of their mom and dad together and in love! And not just your children, but your children’s children as well! Your legacy will live on, and these photos can be cherished for years and years.

3.) Updated Photos for Your Home and Social Media!

And of course, booking a couples photoshoot allows you to fill your home and picture frames with updated photos of you and your partner! You can also share them with your loved ones. Plus, update your old social media selfies with some nice updated pictures of the two of you 😉 For many couples, the last time they got photos of just them together were their engagement sessions or wedding portraits. Or maybe you aren’t married or engaged. It doesn’t matter! A couples photoshoot is perfect for any couple who wants to get updated and professional photos done! You don’t need a reason to book a couples photoshoot, just do it!

Now Let’s Book Your Couples Photoshoot!

Now that you’ve read my top 3 reasons on why you need to book a couples photoshoot, are you ready?! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any couples regretting their choice in booking a session and documenting their love! You can learn more about me here. If I sound like the perfect Houston photographer to capture your couples photoshoot, engagement session, or Houston wedding, then inquire with me here! I can’t wait to hear from you! In the meantime, check out more couples sessions, engagements, and weddings on the blog for inspiration!

Written By:

November 20, 2023

Amy Buchanan

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