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April 21, 2023

Amy Buchanan

What to Bring Your Photographer For Your Wedding Detail Photos

Have you been looking at Pinterest, and finding inspiration for wedding detail photos? Or maybe you’re wondering “What do I need to bring my photographer for my flat lay photos?” So that’s why I’ve decided to give you a list of what to bring! This will help you to make sure we get the detailed photos that you want, and that you come prepared so we don’t miss anything! Setting everything up for every photo can be timely, so coming prepared will ensure smooth sailing for your flat lay photos and keep us on track timeline wise!

Amy Buchanan | Washington Based Travel Wedding Photographer

1.) Your Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings & Bands

Rings! Not only your engagement ring but also your wedding band and your spouse’s ring(s) as well! A customized cute ring box is always a bonus! There are so many different ways your ring can be photographed aside from the rest of your items! You could do a trifecta pose with all of your rings, a close-up shot of you wearing it while holding your bouquet, having the rings posed on a plant or flowers, or even on a newspaper with the date of your wedding day! The options are endless!

2.) Wedding Invites or Save The Dates

Make sure to bring your wedding invites or save the dates! These are great to incorporate into your flat-lay photos, and many different ways we can style your shots as well! Adding your invites or save the dates can add such a special touch to your photos and remind you of your special day! Plus, they make great keepsakes to cherish for years to come. Many couples save some of their wedding keepsakes in a box, but if anything were to happen, you’d have a photograph to remember it, too!

3.) Add Accessories to Your Wedding Detail Photos!

Make sure to bring any accessories you want to be added to your flat-lay photos! Whether that’s your wedding shoes, your favorite perfume, family heirlooms, your wedding veil, wax seal stamps, or any jewelry that you’ll be wearing on your wedding day! Accessories can really add a unique to you feel to your detail photos. At the end of the day, I want to make sure they feel special to you!

4.) Your Vow Books or Wedding Vows

Whether you have vow books or you have written your vows on a plain piece of paper, bring them for your flat-lay photos! These add even more of a personal feel to your flat-lay photos, and will have so much sentimental value! Even if you plan to keep them forever, having photos of them is such a great idea!

5.) Add Extra Floral or Scrap Florals For Your Wedding Detail Photos!

Adding any extra floral or scrap floral into your detail shots really elevates the look of your photos! You can even ask whoever is doing your wedding florals to set aside some scrap flowers from when they are arranging your pieces! It’s such a fun and beautiful way to add more detail to your photos, and depending on the florals, sometimes even a pop of color in as well!

Now Let’s Get The Best Detail Wedding Photos For Your Wedding Day!

Now, are you ready to get the best flat-lay photos to remember your special day? I hope this has helped you in planning for your photos! Looking for a travel wedding photographer for your big day? Look no further! While I’m based in Washington, I LOVE to travel and would be so happy to capture your special day next! You can learn more about me here. If you think I’d be the perfect travel wedding photographer for you, then inquire with me here! Until then, follow me on Instagram to keep up with my latest adventures!

Written By:

April 21, 2023

Amy Buchanan

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